Aeration is a cultural lawn treatment which involves specialist work on your lawn. This work is labour intensive and hard work if you don’t have the right equipment. It is best completed in the Spring, Autumn and Winter periods when the lawn conditions are right i.e. not boggy, dry or frosty.

Why complete Aeration treatments?

It could be for a variety of reasons and is not exclusively for themanagement and reduction of compaction, all cultural treatments allow air and water to get to the roots and improve the lawns health.

The soil will benefit from a less compacted structure enabling new, strong root growth and it will kick start microbial activity in the soil

Aeration…Let your lawn breathe

The purpose of aeration is to punch holes through any sub surfacethatch and/or relieve compaction, allowing water and nutrients to pass into the root zone, which also aids gaseous exchange. This leads to improved drainage, i.e. stops water sitting in the thatch layer, leading to a drier top surface which discourages moss and disease.

The Lawnologist opts to use a ‘Fracture Tine’ machine that is less intrusive than a hollow corer, but achieves the same results. This means that you are not left with cores all over your lawn that will ruin its appearance.

Benefits of Aeration;

  • Improve drainage and oxygen supply to the turf roots
  • Helps aid control of moss.
  • Helps lawns recover from fungal attack

Why over seed?

Having done all this hard work, over seeding your lawn will aid recovery, improving the colour and texture of your lawn.

We recommend aeration every 12-18 months.