This lawn receives annual aeration and a bespoke organic feeding program that is tailored to the soil profile.

An older lawn with a real blend of generations of grass species and cultivars that can react differently to stress and seasons. This is a few weeks after its May feed.

This lawn is thriving after receiving a tailored seasonal plan that’s geared towards preventing Red Thread as it is dense with fescue and suffers with reoccurring fungal issues and heavy thatch.

This lawn gets its verdant green from a tailored lawncare program with fracture tine aeration and additionally receives specific bio-stimulants to help it combat stress.

This is a lawn that had suffered badly from Red Thread. We controlled the fungal issue with a heavy aeration and a bespoke seasonal treatment plan, whilst avoiding the use of fungicides.

This lawn was riddled with bindweed and had to be killed off completely, fully renovated back to life to give this client a brand new lawn. It then later developed a big fairy ring problem that was quickly rectified and now the results speak for themselves