Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I do this myself, why do I need a professional?

Many of the products we use to improve your lawn are only available to lawn care professionals and are of a far higher quality than readily available shop products. Often, it’s cheaper to pay a professional than to buy the products yourself. However, price aside, we will tailor a lawn care program based upon your soil profile and lawn needs and will understand what to put down for the season and the correct quantities without over-feeding. This is especially relevant to herbicides and pesticides.

Is it safe for pets and wildlife?

Absolutely, everything we use to improve your lawn is fully tested and licensed and we leave the lawn to be useable within 90 minutes of application.

How long will it take to improve my lawn?

This very much depends on the issues that your lawn faces. Weed control and nutrition can make an obvious impression within ten days. Major renovation works can take longer.

Do I need to be at home when you come?

We always make contact ahead of our visits and there is no need to stay home, we have all we need in our van. All we ask is that we have ready access to your lawn, there are no obstructions, toys/furniture, and dog deposits.

Is your service guaranteed?

We guarantee, that if you follow our advice, you will see an improvement in your lawn to be proud of.

Can I walk on my lawn after treatment?

Yes, you can, but its best to wait until the lawn is dry – especially if you’ve had a moss control.

How do I pay for my lawn treatments?
When you join The Lawnologist, you are given access to your own personal client hub, and you can pay through this as you go, however most customers prefer to make use of Direct Debit as it proves to be the most efficient way to pay. You can also BACS money to us or pay with Cash. We prefer not to take cheque.
Are you qualified?

The Lawnologist team are fully qualified and certified by LANTRA to use Plant Protection Products.

How many treatments will my lawn need?

Our Professional Lawn Care Analysis will address the specific needs of your lawn Recommendations will be discussed in detail during this process. As a bare minimum we will recommend a standard lawn care program of 5 visits per year. This program will be tailored and bespoke to your lawn.

How long will it take you to treat my lawn?

We have invested in the very best equipment to allow us to work quickly and achieve great results with little intrusion. We often spend more time at the back of the van, mixing, producing, and weighing products that are only relevant to your tailored lawn care program. We always encourage our customers to think of the results rather than the time taken to achieve them.

How will I know if the treatments are working?

You should see the results of lawn treatments within 10-14 days of our visit, often sooner.

How often should I mow my lawn?

As often as it needs it – part of our service is to consult on maintenance programs for you to follow in between treatments and we will discuss this with you during our visits.

Do I need to water my lawn?

All plants need water. If we are in a period of drought watering is important – ask for our watering guide and advice.

My lawn seems beyond repair, can The Lawnologist help?

Don’t worry, it’s quite rare we find a lawn we can’t improve and will give credible advice on what is possible to ensure your expectations are met. Either way we can help!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, not at all, it’s a no obligation service that you can stop at any time but please familiarise yourself with our T&C

Why do I need lawn care and lawn treatments?

Our lawn treatments are designed to improve the thickness and coverage of your lawn, its health and appearance and to reduce weeds and moss. As well as this, our organo-mineral fertilisers work on conditioning the soil and feed the micro-biology that should be thriving in the ground.

Everyday use, over maintenance or neglect very quickly deplete the nutrients in the lawn and over time you will see a lawn gradually decline in appearance.

50m2 of healthy lawn will produce enough oxygen for one person a day.

Is The Lawnologist a Franchise?

No, nope, no way. We are a leading local independent Lawn Care Business and that’s how we are staying.

Why should I use The Lawnologist rather than a franchised lawn care business.

We are a trusted local independent family run business. We are not a ‘one size fits all’ business; each plan is bespoke and tailored to you and your lawn, and often this can be flexible on the day, depending on what we find. We track and monitor your lawns progress, leaving you with our unique ‘post visit lawn report’ after each visit, so that you know exactly what we have done and can compare to the previous reports you have received.

Franchised business models struggle to adopt this approach simply because of the volumes they work through and would find it difficult to be as individually invested as we are in our customers and their lawns.

We are constantly reviewing, developing, and testing new treatments for our customers and whilst we may not be as ‘cheap’ as our competitors, we can promise you that we will offer the best value.

Based on 25 reviews
Adrian Bruce
Adrian Bruce
We needed help !!!! , to renovate our grass that been totally seared by the sun and looked like a dry desert so we decided to turn to the expert. Mark proved himself with knowledge and expertise and restored our lawn to a lush carpet. Thank you so much, we cannot recommend him strongly enough if you want to see a lawn like our images attached. 5 Stars Mark !
Lawrence Jeyaraj
Lawrence Jeyaraj
We had a lawn renovation and consultation package with Mark. Our lawn was initially full of weeds at one side and many patches with out grass. Mark fixed all of that with his treatments, scarification and advice. Now the lawn is completely lush(see picture). I totally recommend Mark. His packages are value for money.
Melissa Palmer
Melissa Palmer
Mark offers a very professional and friendly service. He has managed to revive our very troubled, high footfall lawn. His knowledge, expertise, and passion are evident, and we are so pleased with the results so far. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone that needs help with lawn care.
Leonartd DYE
Leonartd DYE
I cannot thank Marc enough for the professional way he has transformed our lawn, it is a pleasure to sit in the garden and enjoy the view. Thanks Marc
marcia banham
marcia banham
Great service, had turf laid to a difficult north facing part of my garden. Mark did an excellent job and I am over the moon with the results. I would recommend Mark's service to anyone wanting help with their grass.
jacqui Moore
jacqui Moore
Mark is a very professional and knowledgeable man. He has literally saved our lawn from the ravages of last summer . He has aerated and fed the soil and has overseeded a few areas of the lawn that needed some extra help and we are now on an annual programme of restoration. He explains what he is going to do and why and often does a bit extra too! You feel you are getting very sound advice from someone who really knows their stuff ! He is conscious of cost and will only recommend what is needed and so only resorts to total renovation of the lawn if it doesn’t respond to earlier treatments .
Al Robertson
Al Robertson
I have had the pleasure of having used Mark at the Lawnologist to completely renovate my lawns for the last six months. Our lawn REALLY suffered in the last heat wave and we thought that was the end of having a lawn to enjoy and would replace it with some sort of hard landscaping - even though i really love having grass. I decided to contact the Lawnologist with no real expectations as i have family members who use 'well known' companies and haven't had the best, or cheapest of relationships. Mark turned up, on time and with a beaming smile - clearly loving his career. He filled me with so much information, in very basic terms (so i could retain what he was saying) and how he could transform the area in a realistic time scale. He really did know his stuff and could prove it right in front of me. We agreed a well priced plan for the lawn and I've just left him to it, and have seen the magic unfold. The lawn is now unrecognisable from its dessert like appearance those few months back. He has completely killed off, renovated, seeded, nurtured, fed and conditioned the grass and soil. Don't underestimate how important the soil is over the appearance of the lawn (something i have learnt from him). The lawn is looking fantastic already even though we are early in the year and am excited for the late spring and summer months. Ive now booked him in for two more areas of full renovation as i'm so pleased. Honestly, if you want someone who knows his stuff, loves his job and loves to see results and happy customers, then contact Mark. You have nothing to lose, the quotes are very details and open and he's very responsive to messages. Thanks again Lawnologist. #grassbae
Tanya Dicken
Tanya Dicken
Fantastic service throughout. Mark is extremely knowledgable and after some extensive treatments and mechanical work our lawn is looking fantastic! Thank you!
Rob Twyman
Rob Twyman
I was lucky enough to be the Lawnologist’s first customer. His expertise and unbelievable customer service was very clear from the outset. Mark has revisited my lawn to make sure that the service he provided came to fruition. I have recommended him to others and we all agree that the service is first class. I would definitely say he is the no1 lawn care specialist in the south of England. Many thanks
Steven Burton
Steven Burton
A very knowledgeable and professional service.